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7 Proven Strategies For Better Sleep with Dr. Bijoy John | Episode 164
Episode 1642nd May 2024 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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Welcome to another insightful episode of "The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast." Today, we explore the critical topic of sleep with Dr. Bijoy John and uncover strategies for achieving restful sleep and overcoming insomnia.  


About Dr. John    

Dr. Bijoy John, a board-certified sleep physician and founder of the Sleep Center of Greater Pittsburgh, shares his expertise in promoting optimal sleep health.  


In this episode, you will learn:  

  1. How you can overcome the factors contributing to poor sleep, such as stress and technology, shedding light on the epidemic of sleep deprivation.  
  2. The consequences of sacrificing sleep, from cognitive impairment to increased health risks.  
  3. Whether it’s worth using wearable tech to track and measure sleep.  
  4. Seven proven strategies for better sleep   
  5. The truth about tech before bed and the impact of ‘blue light’    


Get A Great Night’s Sleep With Ben’s Timeline 

Download my Optimal Sleep Timeline to help you get a great night’s sleep when you really need it.

Further Resources If You Loved This Episode  

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For more sleep tips and insights, check out Dr. Bijoy John's book, “Nobody’s Sleeping” (Amazon affiliate link).


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