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Ep. #65 | UFOs and The Galactic Federation: Unpacking The "Love Has Won" Cult w/ Michael Grayman
Episode 6529th January 2024 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 65, Marc is joined by Michael Grayman of the "Unmasking the Phenomenon" Substack and X channel. Michael guides viewers through the world of Amy Carlson, and how this one-time McDonald's manager ended up gathering a devoted following awaiting her ascension after she claimed to encounter cosmic beings, which included everyone from the Archangel Michael to Robin Williams. Along the way they uncover connections to the mystical Mt. Shasta, some familiar entities referring to a "Galactic Federation" that is out to defeat the "Cabal," and more high strangeness galore. Was there more to this situation than simply a woman who did too many psychedelic mushrooms and went over the deep end? Or are there deeper forces at play?

In the Smoke-Filed Room for Premium subscribers, Marc and Michael explore the connections between the beliefs and mythology of the "Mother God" cult and that of the "Q" movement, including the labelling of the common enemy as "The Cabal", and whether the greater reveals when it comes to UFO's are part of a push to usher in the New World Religion.

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