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Making Sales With Email Marketing, Faster
Episode 636th January 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Let’s get real for a minute. The main reason we all do email marketing is to make sales, right?

Maybe you’ve been doing your email marketing for a while and sales are trickling in every now and then, after people have been on your list for a few months.

Maybe you’re struggling to make any sales at all.

If either of these are the case and you want to figure out how you can not only make more sales, but make sales faster, we’ve got you covered.

Making Sales With Email Marketing, Faster

Episode Content

  • (02:52) Are your new subscribers that friend who has shown up late to the party?
  • (04:00) What you don’t want to do with your email marketing. 
  • (06:12) The main goal with lead magnets and why you might be doing it wrong. 
  • (06:57) The reason why you might be getting spam reports and unsubscribes.
  • (07:35) OK, but how can we fix this?
  • (08:55) What you need to do and how you can do it.
  • (10:16) How we like to teach this.
  • (12:55) Seeing this in action with one of our members. It was so powerful! 
  • (13:59) This is the fastest way to make sure you get sales.
  • (14:44) When the day to day emails work well.
  • (15:54) Fear not. We’re not leaving you high and dry on this.
  • (15:50) Rob’s David and Goliath subject line of the week.

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