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14 - Seeing Johnny Rokkets - SYNCHRONICITY
Episode 1420th September 2022 • HEADSPACE • Philip A McClimon
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Alvin is very smart. Too smart for his own good. He doesn't want to be helpful, but he just can't help it. The answer may be written in the stars.


It's the road trip to un-die for….

When all of the grownups are killed or zombie-fied, sixteen-year-old Sarah Burrows finds herself thrust into a world of crazy, shouldering responsibilities she didn't ask for or want. The only known survivors are a handful of kids who desperately need her help, but none more than her baby sister—who wants nothing more than to connect with their father again. Their undead father who just happens to be hanging around the back yard in hopes of connecting with her too. Or anyone with a brain.

As the day-to-day struggle for survival begins to wear on her—and everyone in her charge, Sarah comes up with a plan. One almost guaranteed to get them killed—or turn them into the monsters bent on wiping out the human race. But if it means even a small chance of saving her sister, it's worth the risk.

Join Sarah and a ragtag group of kids as they journey through the zombie apocalypse searching for Johnny Rokkets, a rock 'n roll superstar who died twenty years ago.

Or did he?


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