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Divine Transmissions - Lisa Marie - Shakti Ma 2nd November 2020
Weekly Intuitive 11.2-11.8.20
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Weekly Intuitive 11.2-11.8.20

We are being offered what we truly want. What brings us joy, what lights us up. But if we shy away from those things, if we make ourselves small, how can we achieve them? This week, choose, the lion or the lamb.

Lisa Marie, aka Shakti Ma, channels the Divine Mother essence -Shakti- in the form of words, energy, and sound. Shakti is the energy of creation, power, force, transformation, and the underlying conduit of all that is. It is tender, loving, compassionate yet raw, fearless, and truthful.

From a space of love & compassion, Shakti Ma brings this energy through for healing and transformation. Its multidimensional capacity enables healing on all levels of consciousness through its Divine Intelligence and alchemy. Shakti Ma serves those who are ready for transformation, those who seek the truth, and those who are prepared to connect to higher versions of the Self.

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