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Welcome Back to Season 3 of Core Conversations: A CoreLogic Podcast
11th January 2023 • Core Conversations • CoreLogic
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Curious about what Season 3 of Core Conversations has in store for listeners? Host Maiclaire Bolton Smith has a few fun ideas for next year. Listen in to find out what to expect starting January 25, 2023.


We’re back for our third season of Core Conversations: A CoreLogic podcast! I am your host Maiclaire Bolton Smith, and for those of you who joined us for previous seasons of this podcast, you’ll know that we tour the property market to investigate how market economics, climate change, governmental policies and technology affect everyday life.

If you’re new — welcome! In this podcast, I talk to experts to examine all layers of the property ecosystem by diving into subjects that focus on what matter to our industry as well as homeowners.

Last season, we frequently talked about climate change, and this season that topic will remain part of our conversation. But we’ll also explore many new subjects. This season, some of our favorite in-house experts like Deputy Chief Economist Selma Hepp and our Public Policy and Industry Relations Executive Pete Carroll will return to the show to talk about new trends in the industry. But we’ll also hear from many new guests and continue to talk about the intersection of real estate, mortgage and insurance.

If you are curious about something we haven’t talked about, please feel free to let us know and reach out to us on our social media channels using the handle @CoreLogic on Facebook and LinkedIn and @CoreLogicInc on Twitter and Instagram.

As always, we will release new episodes every other Wednesday, so don’t miss out! Please remember to leave us a review, let us know your thoughts, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to be notified when new episodes are released.

Tune in on Jan. 25 for a new season of Core Conversations.