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Ep. 10 Dr. Jenny Waycott - Social Technologies in Aged Care
Episode 1022nd December 2020 • ACE - Aged Care Enrichment • SilVR Adventures Pty Ltd
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In our last episode of Season 1, we are talking to Dr. Jenny Waycott. Jenny is a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne in the School of Computing and Information Technology, and her research is focused on human-computer interactions and how people are using technology in all aspects of their lives.

Her most recent research has examined the ways in which emerging technologies can be used to enrich the lives of older adults, particularly in residential aged care, and she has done a lot of work with the staff of these facilities to understand how the technologies are being used and the possible benefits and ethical concerns of their implementation.

In this conversation, we talked about some specific technologies like virtual reality and social robots, as well as some opportunities for self-expression and further social integration that new technologies can bring to older adults.

This interview was recorded in mid-September 2020 so there are some references to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the information is still relevant no matter when you are listening to it.

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