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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 80, 10th March 2020
Build a Kingdom Culture
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Build a Kingdom Culture

#80: Today, I am interviewing Diane Kucala - How to use Biblical principles as a guide for growing your business! We chatted about how she took Biblical principles and turned them into modern concepts, which allowed her to build a stable culture within her company, giving her the ability to better serve her customers and fulfil her purpose. 


Key Lessons From This Episode: 

  • How to hire the right person for the job
  • Why people's beliefs about themselves  influence the way they respond to customers
  • 6 questions to help you find your "signature strengths" 
  • How to always be self-confident, no matter where you are
  • Why alter egos work
  • How to give positive and inspirational feedback to your employees/colleagues


About Diane

Diane is passionate about leadership. She understands that for true leaders making a difference in the world is essential, contributing their signature strengths and passions in pursuit of that impact. Blueprint Leadership’s mantra is “Connect, Influence, Impact.” By connecting and influencing, the world is impacted for good.

In July 2005, Diane launched her company, the Talent Journey, later renamed Blueprint Leadership (BPL). Blueprint Leadership equips company-wide leaders (at the individual, team and corporate level) to align cross-functionally to the needs of customers.

BPL’s primary focus is leadership. The company provides a comprehensive and holistic blueprint for aligning the unique mission, strategy, culture and strengths of individuals and teams to achieve the corporate mission. Over the past decade, Diane and her team have worked with several cutting-edge organizations, including Medtronic, GE, Foundation Medicine, NuVasive, USD and Freenome (to name a few).

In the next evolution of Blueprint Leadership’s impact, the team is expanding their initiatives to serve the new generation leaders. Blueprint Leadership is expanding their reach by licensing the time-tested leadership programs to organizations and training HR professionals/leaders to train, facilitate, coach and empower company-wide leadership.

Important Links & Mentions in this episode:

 Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode.