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Five ways to find the right journalist to contact with your pet business story
Episode 425th March 2020 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Have you tried pitching a story idea and got Radio Silence?

If you have, don't worry, it happens to most people when they start pitching to the media, including journalists who have been in the industry for decades.

In this episode I talk about Five Journalists you can pitch to with your pet business story who are more likely to say 'yes.'

Here are the notes for this episode, and at the end you'll find links to the articles and resources I've mentioned.


0.30 - Where we are at in the Coronavirus crisis. (March 2020)

2.30 - Why you should always pitch to a specific journalist - not a generic e mail like News@ or editor@

4.00 - Why would anyone care? The question you need to ask each time you think of pitching a story.

Breakdown of the five journalists.

4.31 - The journalist who covers your patch.

6.30 - The journalist who covers your specialist area.

8.40 - The journalist with an interest in your business.

10.30 - The journalist who is crying out for ideas.

13.50 - The journalist you've already built a relationship with.

18.20 - Don't run out of steam once you're written your press release - be sure to get in front of the right person and nurture relationships.

Websites and links mentioned in this episode you may find helpful:

Claire Lawrence talks dogs Coronavirus on the radio: Radio Nottingham

Dominic Hodgson coverage for Tour De Rescue:

Press Release Template and e mail series:

Join my Facebook group:

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