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Visualise You - Beth Hewitt EPISODE 1, 30th August 2020
How to Be a Successful Serial Quitter
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How to Be a Successful Serial Quitter

In this very first episode. Episode #1 – I begin by sharing where it all started for me. I’ll share key moments from my career and pivot journey and 9 essential life lessons I learnt along the way. Quitting and pivoting in your career is actually a really positive thing, and I hope to bust the myths and any negative views about quitting.

I believe that our skills and experiences, leave clues to where we are heading in the future, allowing us to be more intentional and focused in the future. In this episode you’ll learn that:

  • You will have highly transferable skills
  • Money isn’t everything
  • Opportunities will start to open for you
  • You won’t lose your moral compass or be any less for quitting
  • Your mental health is highly important
  • You’ll be super connected
  • You’ll increase your self-worth and income potential in the long term
  • You’ll have a fantastic set of skills to help you achieve success in the future.

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