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Interview with Podcast Producer, Kattie Laur - Part 2
Episode 625th December 2019 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Kattie Laur has a background in broadcast radio so it naturally seemed to follow that she would become interested in podcasts.  She's putting that passion to good use as a podcast producer and gives us some tips on what makes a great show, why she feels podcasts are an important medium and how they're the wave of the advertising future. 

In this second part of our interview, she talks about:

* what a podcast needs to do to keep her listening to their intro over and over
* how she decided to create sound breaks to switch between thoughts within a podcast
* how different cultures experience your audio differently (context is everything!)
* the differences between podcasts she's paid to produce ("learned passion") vs. her passion projects
* what she can do for people when she's producing podcasts
* how many different hats she wears, doing what she does
* some more information about how she's highlighting female-fronted podcasts in her blog
* how podcasting is still a bit of a male-dominated industry - so she feels more people should hear women's voices in podcasts
* why podcasts appeal to people so much
* how advertisers are catching on to the potential in podcasts

Her website is at:

She has some really helpful information in her blogs, too!
She’s written about the 5 key things you need to think about before starting a podcast:

And she's started a blog series that highlights women podcasters and their shows: 

Her ethical travel podcast is called Alpaca My Bags:
(and is in all the major podcast outlets)

And you can find and follow her on Twitter: @podkatt

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