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Brian Kuhn - “Know Me Data” – Customer-Experience Transformed
Episode 126th August 2020 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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In this episode, Brian Kuhn, Vice President & General Manager of Elevate’s Digital Strategy & Solutions Business, joins host Nicole Giantonio to discuss digital design thinking, digital transformation - which represents one-third of all IT spend globally, - and that today’s organizations are using digital to get closer to end-users by accessing know-me insights.

Brian said - "The machine will be a blunt instrument unless it incorporates the understanding of human beings who know those processes the best."

Listen to hear his insights and experiences using technology and design thinking to digitally transform the legal operations and showing “know-me” insights to the end-user.

Click on the links below to hear what we covered in this episode:

  • [00:44] - How digital transformation Impacts the legal industry?
  • [01:54] - Is the falling cost of technology, creating a risk?
  • [02:35] - Law Firms in Transition 2019: An Altman Weil Flash Survey
  • [03:21] - An Example where Brian explained how he is transforming the digital strategy at Elevate and why choosing the best technology is the critical element to drive the value.
  • [05:26] - Dichotomy between machine learning and human learning – How Elevate has taken advantage of both to develop a scalable process for a customer?
  • [07:41] - Does embedding the design thinking into the business processes yielding better results?

o  According to a McKinsey study, design-led companies had 32% more revenue and 56% higher total returns to shareholders compared with other companies.

  • [08:54] - Is technology becoming more configurable and less expensive?

o  Businesses spent $1.2 Trillion in 2019 on Digital Transformation to grow, and in 2020, the worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.9 trillion.

  • [11:22] - The reason why the Fortune 500 CEOs are investing in AI.
  • [12:48] - How can we persuade the stakeholders to embrace digital transformation for growth?
  • [13:43] - How is Elevate using the Design thinking and User-Story Mapping tool to identify issues in the customer’s business processes?
  • [15:58] - Design Thinking hasn’t been commercialized as an offering at scale yet within the legal industry.