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Ep 91: How to Hit a 100 lbs Deadlift PR in 12 Weeks with Ian Titus
Episode 9119th September 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Do you have a hard time separating pain and performance? Both can be extremely tricky to navigate, particularly when you’re trying to crush your performance without also crushing your back, hips, knees, etc. This is why I wanted to bring Ian Titus, a rock star client of Rebel Performance, on to discuss how we got his performance skyrocketing while staying pain-free.

Not too long ago, Ian set a goal for himself to hit a 500 lb deadlift before he was 50 years old; however, he couldn’t quite master the most important part – adding weight to the bar. What kept stopping him was the excruciating back pain he would get each time he would lift the bar. That’s when Ian decided it was time for a change and joined the Rebel fam. Fast forward to 12 weeks later, and Ian just smashed a massive 100+ lb deadlift PR of 560 lbs, 100% pain-free.

This episode is all about Ian and I unpacking the exact steps we followed to make it happen. The two of us dive into the importance of having somebody else program for you, the implements and exercise selection you should choose and why utilizing different training phases is good for your training. Listen in to discover how you can PR your deadlift by 100 lbs in just 12 weeks, while still feeling your absolute best.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • [04:19] Ian's past deadlift numbers versus his numbers now
  • [10:40] Getting Ian hitting his PRs pain free
  • [12:52] Key differences in Ian programming for himself versus when he hopped in with Rebel Performance
  • [16:10] Separating performance output from feeling good and being pain free
  • [20:03] The implements and exercise selection that helped Ian become pain free
  • [23:00] How your ego can get you in trouble
  • [25:23] The key to replicating Ian's results
  • [28:08] The cardio game changer
  • [30:00] Three big changes Rebel brings to the table
  • [36:18] The importance of going through different training phases
  • [41:50] Where to find Ian Titus
  • [42:30] Ian's recommendation for why you should join us at Rebel Performance 


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