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31. Holiday Budgeting Tips with Brittany Flammer
Episode 3114th November 2023 • How's All That Working For Ya? • Rachel D. Baker
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Join us to hear Brittany Flammer's tips and recommendations to help us prepare our budgets or mindset around money for this holiday season. We're talking resources and strategies you can use to create some breathing room in your finances and bring on the joy!

Episode Highlights

  • What “breathing room” looks/feels like for Brittany
  • Brittany’s tips to help us prepare our budgets or mindset around money for this season
  • The biggest pitfalls Brittany has seen that cause people to overspend or blow their budget this time of year
  • The mindset around money that is stealing our joy and how we can avoid it
  • Tips, apps, and strategies we need to know about when it comes to shopping for All The Things this time of year
  • Brittany’s recommended tools, resources, and strategies for finance & creating some breathing room

Resources Mentioned

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