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Ep. 22 - Turning Your Difference into a Superpower (to Make a Difference) - with Benjamin Stern
Episode 2223rd August 2017 • Trendsetters with Jesse Kay • Jesse Kay
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Today we’re sharing an episode from Teens of America Radio featuring Jesse and a previous guest of this podcast, Ben Stern, the Founder of Nohbo who was featured on Shark Tank and accepted a $100,000 investment from Mark Cuban.

You will learn...

  • How Ben came up with Nohbo, the world's first single-use eco-friendly shampoo product, and founded it with his grandmother.
  • What it’s like to get on Shark Tank and then have Mark Cuban as an investor.
  • Why Ben is pro-education and pro-entrepreneur.

The episode wraps up with Jesse’s special segment: “Turning Your Difference into a Superpower (to Make a Difference).”