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emergence - Alasdair King EPISODE 10, 2nd September 2020
The One From The Bridge
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The One From The Bridge

A talk with Dr Daniel Beltran-Alcrudo of the FAO about Lumpy Skin Disease and their new training program. This 4-week online training course on LSD preparedness will be run again in Russian from 20th October. Self -registration is possible for interested participants at the links below.

Also hear about the #Rabies360Challenge (reporting from the Tappan Zee bridge).


FAO Lumpy Skin Disease Preparedness Registration(in English): http://www.fao.org/europe/events/detail-events/en/c/1305681

FAO Lumpy Skin Disease Preparedness Registration (in Russian): http://www.fao.org/europe/event/detail-events/ru/c/1305696

Global African Swine Fever Research Association (GARA) videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq41B7o8NhCDx7rS9jQw9EA/videos

"Our New Reality: The Need to Spread Knowledge Faster than Epidemics" webinar https://we.tl/t-7t2gVe583A