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This Week: Optical Technology and the Promise of 5G with Raza Khan
Episode 9213th June 2022 • The Week with Roger • Roger Entner
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Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss the latest news in telecom, media, and technology. This week they are joined by Raza Khan, Senior Market Manager of Wireless Products at Semtech to talk about the intersection of 5G and Optical Technology.

0:46: Raza shares about the role that Optical Technology plays in 5G.

2:02: Upgrading the base stations that enable the 5G rollouts - what part Semtech plays and the reasons we need these upgrades.

6:58: The exciting use-cases that are closer to reality now with almost zero-latency processing.

9:51: This also lays the groundwork for 6G - thinking about the advancements coming over the next 15 years.

12:04: Are we living in a world of perpetual promise and no payoff?

14:41: How do 5G and Optical change the idea of smart cities and how does the geo-political landscape affect smart cities?

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