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Andre Miripolsky: Born to Be an Artist
Episode 17210th May 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Today on the Not Real Art Podcast, we have the pleasure of introducing you to world-renowned artist, Andre Miripolsky. As colorful as the art he creates, Andre’s signature style of pop imagery is bright, whimsical, and energetic, and he has collaborated with the likes of Bette Midler, Quincy Jones, Robin Williams, The Rolling Stones, and MTV, among others. His work exploded onto the scene in the 1980s with the design of Elton John's famous ‘piano jacket’, and he is best known for his Fear No Art series, the Miripolsky Art Barbie, and his ‘Absolut Vodka illustrations from the ‘90s. In this episode, Andre shares some insight into his career, his upbringing around the world, and what led him to ultimately settle in Los Angeles. Tuning in, you’ll learn more about his iconic Viva LA! Program, which celebrates the power of collaboration and the incredible, dynamic people that make LA one of the most creative cities in the world, and we dive into how Andre is embracing cutting edge technology as he ventures into the world of NFTs with his distinctive shark characters. Andre believes he was born to be an artist, which is clearly evident as we dive into his story. So, for a fascinating discussion with one of the most brilliant creative minds of our time, make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What constitutes ‘real art’ and some of the unintended consequences of technology.
  • An interesting story about why Andre isn’t a French citizen, despite being born in Paris.
  • Why Andre says he received an art education “by osmosis" by the time he was two.
  • How he found himself through art at a young age and sold his first painting at 10-years-old.
  • The importance of branding as an artist, which Andre first discovered as a high school senior.
  • The role of marketing and promotion in the NFT world and the challenges virtual art presents.
  • Insight into some of the important partnerships that Andre has made in the NFT space.
  • Why Andre says that he always felt like an old soul, even when he was a child.
  • How he has embraced cutting edge technologies and processes throughout his career.
  • Why he believes the epitaph on his tombstone should read, "In spite of myself.”
  • The accident that led Andre to create one of his best-known bodies of work, Fear No Art.
  • How he made rock and roll history by designing Elton John’s famous ‘piano jacket’.
  • Why Andre attributes his success as an artist to his ability to adapt his energy to the different ecosystems and platforms of the art world.
  • Understanding his involvement in the Viva LA Music Festival via his iconic Viva LA! Platform.
  • Why he believes that the phrase, “Viva LA,” is behind the success of the brand.
  • Information about Andre’s SharkTales Art Club NFTs, his partnership with the Beneath the Waves Foundation, and where you can find them.
  • Where you can follow Andre on Twitter and Instagram.

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