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Episode 5818th July 2022 • Fight Club 4 Business • Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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It all started with a used pressure washer and a 1995 work van. That’s how Jason Geiman and his wife, Jodi, started a pressure washing business back in 2012. Nearly doubling their business in the first year, additional family members were brought on to help with the growth. The business continued to see incredible success and outside employees were added as well.

In just 6 years they had expanded to four crews and nearly $1M in gross revenue, and the decision was made to sell the business in 2018.

Following the sale, as Jason wondered what to do with his new-found free time, he realized what he always wanted to do was to help people. It had led him to be a rescue diver, then a firefighter, and now, it has led him here. He is taking the lessons learned from his incredible 6 years running a pressure washing business into a resource for homeowners or for those starting, or struggling, to have their own exterior cleaning business.

Time Stamps:

[8:53]Buy up all of the Christmas cards when on clearance, and start marketing Christmas Lights by sending out the cards in July

📍[11:13]January 1 - buy cards on discount. Have team handwrite the cards. Put an offer in the Christmas card. Mail out the Christmas cards in July. Take Deposits on Christmas Lights to help with cash flow during the summer slump.

📍[13:25]Are you answering your phone?

📍[14:01]This gives time to start flipping some rocks

📍[14:29]Lets do some marketing. Lets get creative. Lets go knock on doors.

📍[14:37]Are you on LinkedIn

📍[15:01]Are you scheduling commercial work in your slumps?

📍[22:57]Are you posting on Google My Business 2-3 times a week?

📍[24:17]Are you proactively marketing?

📍[24:25]Are you prioritizing marketing?


📍[29:05]Have you looked at your software expenses lately?

📍[33:53]How to balance growing a business and family time...

📍[34:05]This is a time for time management.

📍[35:37]Time is the one thing we don't get back...

📍[37:41]Schedule your social media time

📍[37:45]Schedule your email time

📍[38:01]Schedule your work & family time and don't mix them....

📍[42:29]Time Blocking Strategies

📍[45:05]Are you using Do Not Disturb on your phone?

📍[45:37]Are you using your Google Calendar?

📍[47:29]Time Blocking vs. Task Orienting... Do you have your list of goals?

📍[48:45]Marketing Homework: What can you start promoting now that will help bring you business later in the year?

📍[50:37]Finance Homework: List of tasks for you as owner to do when it's slow. List of tasks for your team when the calendar is light

📍[50:57]Systems Homework: Time block your personal & work time through the end of the quarter

📍[51:17]People Homework: Read the 4 hour work week

📍[52:05]Jason Homework: Write down your goals. What do you want for your business? What do you want for your family?

📍[52:49]Best way to get ahold of Jason?

📍[53:13]For Christmas Lights Help:

"Quote of the Week"

"If you're in the position to have gotten so much - the gift of this point is giving back."


Jason Geiman : ,

Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing

Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters

Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers

Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas