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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 171, 4th February 2021
David Victor, Former Boston Guitarist/Vocalist & Founder Of Harmony & Healing with Bruce Hilliard
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David Victor, Former Boston Guitarist/Vocalist & Founder Of Harmony & Healing with Bruce Hilliard

In 2009, a YouTube video featuring today’s guest David Victor performing the rock band Boston’s song “Smokin'” caught the attention of the band’s founder Tom Scholz. Tom contacted David and said hey, come join Boston for recording and touring on their 2012 and 2014 North American and Canadian tours. 

In a world without a Freddie Mercury, there came Adam Lambert. For Journey without Steve Perry, there was Arnel Pineda. And like those other one-of-kind vocalists, the absence of Boston’s phenomenal singer Brad Delp left a role that no one else can replace...but there was Tommy DeCarlo and our guest David Victor.

David is here to talk about that dream come true and how he spends his time making other less fortunate people and their families’ dreams come true or at least more comfortable with live music performances and these days, virtual visits. Harmony & Healing is the name of David’s organization.

And you can help out too with donations. Just go to harmonyandhealing.org and visit the site and see if you can help out just a little. It’s a great cause and here’s a great man that’s spearheading Harmony & Healing, David Victor.

The Harmony & Healing mission is to bring live music to the bedsides and community spaces of patients and their loved ones in hospitals, clinics, cancer support groups, Ronald McDonald Houses and other healthcare facilities.

Harmony & Healing performances lift spirits and take patient’s and family’s minds off their challenges with music. Music lowers stress levels, brings about positive associations, speeds healing and brings happiness to patient’s lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Harmony & Healing programs are tailored to each facility and patient. Interactions may include bedside performances, solo acoustic, duos and even full bands in larger common areas.