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Hi, I'm Tae!
5th November 2021 • The Fattest Girl in the Room • HelloTaee
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On a whim I decided to record and release a new episode. Here's the thing, I'm always so worried about making something perfect that I forget to just make it in the first place. So this is going to be the first in a series of barely-edited episodes that are basically about whatever I want them to be — because I can.

We are back with The Fattest Girl in the Room — a podcast about being a fat girl in a not so fat friendly world. I'm your hostest with the mostest, Tae, the blogger behind the plus size fashion and lifestyle blog Hello, Taee (which you should absolutely check out because it's awesome). It's been almost two years since I started this podcast, and close to 10 months since I posted an episode... so I've decided to walk it back and start with a relatively clean slate. I'm not deleting any old episodes (I know you are all dying to hear about my crush on Brendan Fraser), but I am taking the time to re-introduce myself.

I am definitely not representative of every fat girl in the world. Nor can I be said to cover every fat girl in North America or even Canada, I'm just one fat girl with a microphone who likes to hear her own voice... sometimes. But I do have some stories that you can probably relate to, and, if nothing else, you can laugh at me making fun of myself.

I'm super stoked about what we've got in store for the future of this show, and I'm thrilled you're taking the time to come hangout with me.