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Elevating All Voices Through Effective Storytelling with Tyshun Wardlaw
Episode 8328th February 2024 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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Ready to transform your entrepreneurial journey through storytelling? Join host Kiley Peters as she sits down with Tyshun Wardlaw, owner of Wardlaw Production, to explore how storytelling can elevate your business.

Discover the keys to effective storytelling: innovation, audience understanding, and authenticity. Tyshun debunks common storytelling myths, emphasizing the importance of innovation and authenticity in narrative construction. They discuss tailoring stories to specific audiences and the significance of clarity, precision, and authenticity in messaging.

Moving to practical tips, Tyshun advises leveraging available resources, even on a budget, and being resourceful in a non-traditional business model. She shares insights on navigating partnerships, standing firm on creative vision, and fostering compromise while maintaining creative control.

Tyshun encourages listeners to embrace storytelling's potential within their businesses, from shaping brand narratives to engaging with clients. As you absorb Tyshun's insights, consider the impact storytelling could have in your own entrepreneurial journey. Your story holds tremendous potential for your business!


  • I think you need to know what your audience is for that story, because it could be on your social platform. It could be a story that you're trying to sell for yourself, your branding. I think it's most important to know where you want that video to land. What is your actual audience? Being very clear and precise in your message. And that can be, you know, once again, planning, writing a script, knowing exactly what you're going to say so that you know that your message and your purpose will land because you kind of, you know, pre-scoped it out. (4:48 | Tyshun Wardlaw).
  • How do you tell a story? I would say at the best point, keep your eyes open for how the story is panning out. Because I think sometimes we get so stuck on the ending that we can't appreciate the process of the story and how it's going. (23:28 | Tyshun Wardlaw)
  • There can be external factors that can impact your story, but I truly believe that everyone has a very unique ability to hone in on what their actual story will be and how life will pan out based upon their decisions, and how they want the things to flow within those chapters. So I would just say, life is what you make it, literally, or how you write it. Actually, let me go back. Life is how you write it. (30:55 | Tyshun Wardlaw)


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