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ADHD and Parenting with Sharon Collons
Episode 4213th November 2023 • ADHD Mums • Jane McFadden
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Jane's back with Sharon Collin from 'The Functional Family'

Sharon is neurotypical (supposably) Jane says she is now dubious on this one. Sharon has a ADHD husband and three sons with ADHD.


- What to do with a sensory seeker

- What to do with an antagonist child

- What kind of attitude do we have?

- How can we find the joy even when there is just a second of it.

- Do we need to fix our kids?

- What are our family values

- What systems can we implement

- What are predictable problems

- Jane gives Sharon her most frustrating problem, the 10min period in her afternoon that ruins her. Sharon SOLVES it!

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