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S5 EP147: Born at Home Film with Amanda Banks and Eleanor Currie
Episode 14716th April 2024 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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In today's episode, I am delighted to welcome the visionary creators of the Australian documentary, Born at Home, which explores the intimate world of homebirth. Following the empowering experience of her second child's birth, Amanda, with her extensive background in birth advocacy and evidence-based maternity care, felt an undeniable call to create a resource that could educate and empower other women. When she shared her vision with Eleanor, her friend of 15 years, Eleanor was immediately on board despite having no information on what they were creating. 

As they ventured into the world of documentary filmmaking, Amanda and Eleanor set out to gather the wisdom and stories from women in the community, leading birth experts, doulas, and midwives. Their mission was to create a film that not only moves its audience with the inspiring real-life stories featured but also provides evidence-based information, empowering viewers with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their own birthing experience.

Today, we not only dive into Amanda and Eleanor's personal birth journeys but also explore the dedication, passion, and resilience that fuelled the creation of this impactful documentary. All while they balanced their personal and professional lives amidst the worldwide acclaim of Born at Home.

Show Notes:

Born at Home Website HERE.

Book Tickets to see Born at Home HERE.

Listen to guests featured in the Born at Home Film:

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