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Trauma's Impact on Behavioral Patterns: Understanding past experiences for healthier relationships and self-awareness with Alicia Kay
17th April 2024 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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Alicia Kay is a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience spanning over twenty years in dealing with trauma and psychotherapy. Having undergone an impactful personal transformation herself, Alicia's perspective on trauma and psychotherapy is underpinned by both professional knowledge and personal experience. She strongly believes in introspection as a means to understand and heal from emotional pain, trauma, and shame that can hinder spiritual growth. Through her own emotional exploration, she was able to understand the root cause of her struggles and transform those experiences into lessons for others. Kay advocates for a combined approach of traditional therapy and holistic healing, which takes into account unconscious beliefs, feelings, and patterns. She opposes the idea of medicating individuals based on diagnoses and encourages reliance on intuitive intelligence for guidance in the healing process. Kay's views highlight the transformational potential of confronting and healing trauma to discover one's true self and purpose.

Time Stamps:

(00:11:22) Exploring Transformation Through Self-Reflection and Healing

(00:12:39) Healing through confronting deep emotional wounds

(00:16:48) Trauma's Influence on Understanding Others' Behaviors

(00:21:38) Exploring Core Wounds for Personal Transformation

(00:30:32) Navigating Personal Growth Through Self-Awareness

(00:32:19) Shifting Focus Towards Self-Reflection and Growth

(00:49:23) Shame-Based Coping Mechanisms in Addiction

(00:55:05) Shame as Root Cause of Addiction

(00:56:59) Emotional Triggers in Addiction Recovery Protocol

(01:04:16) Healing Trauma through Unconscious Behavior Exploration

(01:09:19) Fostering Children's Mental Resilience Through Empowerment

(01:17:51) Healing Trauma Through Somatic Breath Awareness

(01:22:13) Tailoring Breath Work for Individual Readiness

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