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Playdates - how to help your child and their friend
Episode 618th July 2022 • Parenting with PLAY! • Helena Mooney
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Playdates can be fun and a great way to entertain your child. And...they can also be chaotic, noisy and end in tears. Discover how to help your child and their friend have a great time and deal with any friction or fights that may arise.

For more help with your child, join me inside Annoying to AMAZING! where you'll receive:
  • more practical strategies to help your child with anxieties, aggressive behaviour, bedtime issues and more
  • the step by step approach to deal with tantrums, whining and big upset emotions
  • how to set limits playfully & lovingly
  • an insight into what's going on in your child's brain
  • plenty of more games for use in many different situations
  • a deeper understanding of your own triggers so you will shout less and be able to connect more in the heat of the moment
  • Ongoing weekly mentoring with me, so you will be supported throughout
  • videos of me with my children so that you can see exactly what to do




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