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The Evolving Discipline of Marketing in Healthcare with Mona Baset
Episode 359th May 2022 • This Week Health: Academy • This Week in Health IT
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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation host Bill Russell had with Mona Baset, Vice President, Digital Services at SCL Health. The topic of discussion was The Evolving Disciple of Marketing in Healthcare. And Bill asks Mona to walk us through what marketing means today in a digital world.


Hello and welcome to another episode of Insights. My name is Bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system 📍 and creator of This Weekin Health IT. A channel dedicated to keeping health IT staff current and engaged. Our hope is that these episodes serve as a resource for the advancement of your career and the continued success of your team. Now onto the 📍 show.

Today on insights. We go back to a conversation host Bill Russell had with Mona Bassett, Vice President Digital Services at SCL Health. The topic of discussion was the evolving discipline of marketing in healthcare. And Bill asks Mona to walk us through what marketing means today in a digital world.

I'll tell you, marketing is one of those things as a healthcare CIO, I thought, well, I understand marketing and I understand, you know, I had my MBA. And I understand how these things work. And then I came on to this side. So now run a podcast and I'm doing digital delivery of those things and managing a website and interacting with the consumers. And I'm learning a ton of things that I didn't really recognize. Marketing is a really evolving discipline in the world, but especially in healthcare. And there's a lot of really cool tools that are available that give us the ability to really touch and hear from the client pretty often and start to collect some information, then provide value just all along the journey. How is that playing out in healthcare?

Yeah, marketing has just completely changed since the early days. And digital has given marketers a way to really personalize, understand what consumers are looking for, get feedback from them and provide really relevant experiences. You know, when I think about where marketing has gone since I was, you know, in my early days as a marketer, I think about how the consumer has just gotten a lot more control, which is great. It used to be the marketers that control. They show the message, people receive it and, you know, we hope they take action on it. But now the consumer has the control. So they can decide what they see when they see it, where they see it. Oftentimes it's in context. Other places they are. So marketers are meeting consumers where they are. And additionally, when consumers like something or don't like something, they have a lot of public forums to be able to express that feedback. And if you're a smart marketer, you will take that information and it's real time, you will take it and adjust and act on it. So I think it's a wonderful time to be a consumer and also to be a marketer.

Yeah. I remember our first social listening campaign we did at the health system I was at. And it was pretty basic back then. And we were essentially looking within our geography, what people were saying about our hospitals and our doctors essentially.

ity was at that time, back in:

So it was a, it was a one-way conversation. It was them essentially telling the world that, Hey, the food at this hospital is really bad. And we weren't, first of all, we weren't listening at that time. So we weren't adjusting and we weren't doing anything to really, I don't know, have a dialogue with people. Is that aspect really changing within health systems?

I think so. I mean I think the whole, just this consumer mindset, which really was slow to evolve, I think, in the healthcare industry is here. And I think the pandemic really accelerated that. And it's that consumer mindset that allows you to start looking at that information and many health systems are doing it.

So we, you know, we listened to our consumers. We're always trying to get feedback and improve. We have a few different venues. We do that clearly in the online space and in social media and the all the business reviews and ratings that they provide in those areas. We're looking at those and managing those.

Additionally we have some family and patient advisory groups where we get to talk one-on-one with our patients and their families and get feedback. I come from a design thinking background also. And I truly believe that if you watch your customers, listen to them, they will tell you everything you need to know about your business.

And it's really a matter of organizing that information, really being disciplined about taking it and acting upon it.

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