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Anika Meier - NFTs Evolution and Gender Equity
Episode 1025th April 2024 • Art Talks • HOFA
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EP 10 - Anika is a writer, curator, digital artist and co-founder of EXPANDED.ART - a platform focused on the history of digital art, and on supporting female and non-binary artists.

Our conversation covers many topics including the evolution of digital art, NFTs, traditional art spaces, Anika's experiences with various projects and exhibitions that challenge conventional art market dynamics, and address issues of gender disparity in art valuation.


00:00 Art Talks with Anika Meier

00:20 Exploring Digital Art with Anika

01:04 Anika's Journey: From Art Student to Digital Pioneer

03:59 The Birth and Evolution of

06:25 Navigating the NFT Landscape

07:42 Digital Art's Place in History and the Future

14:26 Language and Accessibility in Digital Art

23:01 Artistic Identity and the Digital Renaissance

28:03 The Future of NFTs and Digital Art

32:40 Anika's Conceptual Works and Messages

34:23 From Columnist to Social Media Influencer

35:15 Navigating the Fast-Paced NFT Space

36:06 From Tweets to Physical Artworks

36:28 The Impact of Social Media on Public Engagement

39:11 Exploring Anika's and Operator's Unsigned project

45:34 Curatorial Practices in the Digital Art Space

53:42 Social Responsibility of Artists in the Digital Age

58:40 Navigating Success and Expectations

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