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WE Leaders with Alana Fulvio - Alana Fulvio EPISODE 14, 1st December 2020
From The Battlefield to Global Ambassador: How a “3rd Culture Kid” elevated to Bring The World Together As One
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From The Battlefield to Global Ambassador: How a “3rd Culture Kid” elevated to Bring The World Together As One

Hiba is a true self-made entrepreneur - one of Silicon Valley’s 2017 “40 under 40″, the Women in Africa Ambassador for Sudan and the Founder of Elevoro (along with multiple other “humans-first” business ventures). She knows how to create profit and build strong cultures of teams by putting people first and is a Super Connector. She can elevate human potential and drive positive change, making her someone who has a pulse on the world of business and People. 

You won’t want to miss her share!

Come join Hiba and learn key take-aways like:

  • Her Story: From “3rd Culture kid” to becoming an Ambassador for Sudan and serial Founder in the Silicon Valley
  • The Power Mindset: The Consistency in Change
  • Hiba’s Keys to Making “everywhere home”
  • Hiba’s Recipe for Ensuring A Group of humans succeeds, individually and as a team
  • How to create profitable connections between your business with the companies, governments, experts, and investors who have your common values and goals
  • The key factors to building teams that drive profitability
  • How to identify and develop top talent and leaders out of everyone you partner with

About The Guest

An accomplished leader, Hiba S. Sharief was named one of Silicon Valley’s 2017 “40 under 40″ by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and Women in Africa Ambassador for Sudan. Hiba is a seasoned executive with expertise in digital transformation, strategy and innovation spanning multiple industries in more than 30 countries across the globe. Hiba is currently CEO of Elevoro, which she deems as her response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Elevoro is an inclusive community of global leaders that elevate human potential and drive positive change.

Elevoro leverages Hiba’s extraordinary ability to identify and develop top talent, build strong partnerships, and be a “superconnector” of people, ideas and companies. Elevoro orchestrates connections between companies, governments, experts, and investors around the world with common values and goals by cultivating a culture of continuous development, empowerment and innovation. 

Hiba is also bridging Silicon Valley with Africa and the Middle East and is aligned with numerous United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Her commitment to improving lives has driven her involvement in a broad range of issues ranging from financial inclusion and global income equity to changing the ratio of women in technology and leadership. She serves on the boards of SPEAK Mentorship, Hipower Women, and the San Mateo County Community College Foundation. Hiba is also an active advisor to numerous startups, venture capital companies and CIO leaders.

About the Host: 

Alana Fulvio is a 13-time world record-holding Skydiver with over 3500 jumps, an Olympic Development Athlete, ex Silicon Valley in-house Talent, People and Culture Recruiter and Advisor for some of the world’s most successful companies like LinkedIn and GoPro, psychic intuitive, podcast host and women’s travel empowerment coach. 

In 2014, Alana quit her corporate Silicon Valley career and, after over a year on the road travelling the US alone in her RV as “the soul journeyer”, she founded her company Pendulum, LLC. 

Alana now focusses Pendulum on taking her 16+ years and helping leaders and their teams succeed within the biggest profit and people loss gap in business today – People, Culture and Leadership – it is the future of success. Alana is the "People First" Business Strategist, Advisor and Coach who has cracked the code on how to get Culture Design, Hiring, Retention, Employee Performance and Profit right, earlier than ever in history, offering the market simplified solutions to their historically complex problems. 

Alana is known for building "WE Cultures": high-performing teams of retained and profit-driven employees with the least spend and time, with the highest ROI with positive employer brands to match.

Alana is an intuit, seer and clairaudient and can read and see breakdowns before pen is put to paper, making her an integral asset to leadership. 

As the WE Leader Movement founder, author/writer, sentient being advocate and active volunteer with various human and animal rights nonprofits in the US and Africa, Alana delivers a differentiating partnership. Alana’s personal culture is grounded in authenticity, collaborative connection, integrity and freedom-based results, giving her clients the upper hand and accelerating their growth both professionally and personally.    


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Phone: 650-393-3924


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