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Ep 124: Do Your Conditioning - Fragility, Resiliency, VO2 Max and the Mitochondria Reserve Capacity
Episode 12419th June 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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If you’re interested in conditioning, VO2 max, resiliency and becoming an antifragile human, then today’s podcast episode is for you.Myself, Keiran Halton, Ryan L’Ecuyer, and Lance Goyke break down a really cool paper that investigates whether or not the mitochondria limits aerobic performance in the following two groups of people: a group who are young, healthy and untrained and a group who are young, healthy and trained

Interestingly, there is a significant difference between the two groups and the implications for both health and performance are enormous. Again, if you care about becoming a strong, resilient, anti-fragile human then the episode today is a must listen. Listen in to discover why you need to do your conditioning for both health and performance (and why the mitochondria reserve capacity is so important).

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [05:00] Intro to the paper
  • [11:30] Two components to measuring VO2
  • [13:45] A walkthrough of the graph
  • [17:10] Understanding reserved capacity
  • [21:00] Responding to metabolic and stress insults
  • [23:42] Understanding what your operating capacity is
  • [29:20] Locally adapted versus systemically adapted
  • [33:05] The importance of your conditioning
  • [36:50] Strongman as a population 
  • [38:00] Having variability in your training


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