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Build an Emergency Proof Business with Kaci Ackerman: How to Prepare for the Unexpected
Episode 4613th September 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business if life threw you an unexpected curve ball (or 10)? That’s exactly what happened to Kaci as she was diagnosed with and treated for cancer, had emergency surgery, got married, and moved out of state all in the beginning of 2021!

Systems quite literally saved her business, and in this episode, she generously shares the strategies and resources she has learned to support other service providers.

In less than 2 years, Kaci went from dental office manager, to being furloughed during the early days of Covid 19, to running a six-figure business! She’s a Certified Online Business Manager and ClickUp expert who transforms freelancers into CEOs with strategy, planning, and systems building so they can be confident in the back-end of their business, and not stuck in the weeds. 

Her mission is to meet business owners where they’re at in their business and serve the hell out of them!

I had a blast recording this episode with Kaci Ackerman, and not just because she’s a fellow OBM. There is so much value packed into this episode for online service providers at all stages of their business. 

 Highlights from this Episode

We talk about:

  • The powerful personal story of how systems and support in place equipped Kaci to deal with a year of major life-altering changes and challenges while still keeping her business afloat and supporting clients in her absence.

  • How systems really are sexy! And they can empower business owners to focus on doing what they love in their business and whittle down the time they spend on the day-to-day minutia in their business every day.

  • Her Clickup templates, course offers, and VIP Days that customize and simplify automated systems for virtually any kind of service provider at various investment levels.

  • Embracing what speaks to you and lights you up when serving others to find your niche and what to know about yourself and look for in others when  seeking support or mentorship

  • Addressing the seemingly daunting tasks and realizing the simplicity of putting the tasks in place with SOPs when you take it one small step at a time.

  • Why systems don’t just empower you,  but they also empower your team and support the longevity of your business through unexpected emergencies or times of struggle.



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