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How a Busy Mom of 3 Finally Lost Weight After Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, and Keto Didn’t Work For Her
Episode 23321st March 2023 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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“Food has been my hiding place and comfort for so long.”

“The physical weight that I was hanging onto is a result of the mental burden that I’ve been carrying for many, many years.”

That’s just two quotes from this powerful episode. Today you’re going to hear incredible weight loss wisdom and truth bombs from a mom of 3 who went from emotional eating and comfort foods to losing weight and finding peace with food and her body. 

If you’re sick of diets, and weight loss programs that aren’t sustainable, and all of the false promises from the diet industry, trust me - Karen knows how you feel. Everytime she lost weight, she was (in her words) “cranky, hungry, and angry.” Her life revolved around food and it just wasn’t worth it. 

Karen lost weight with other programs, but they didn’t teach her to address what was going on inside. 

Then, after working out for a year without losing weight, then she began changing her brain and changing her perspective on food and finally started seeing weight loss results.

Here are just a few quotes and snippets of what we discussed on this episode . . .

  • Feeling betrayed by the diet industry
  • Cranky, hungry, and angry with my life revolving around food
  • The difference between short-term weight loss and truly sustainable weight loss
  • False promises from the diet industry - they don’t tell you it’s not sustainable
  • They want to spin everything as an easy, quick fix 
  • Exercise is an outlet and celebration, but shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a means to losing weight
  • “I was chasing an image that I wasn’t really meant to be”

If you’ve ever tried weight loss programs like Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, keto, or Beachbody, but haven’t found the success you want, then this episode is for you. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll see yourself somewhere in Karen’s story.

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