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A positive from the pandemic
Episode 827th May 2020 • The Total Experience Podcast • Tribal London
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We talk to Leonard Cheshire's 'Change 100' about enabling more people with disabilities to find careers in marketing, and ask if the lockdown can have a positive long-term impact on the way we work.

In this episode:

Verity Ayling-Smith, training and consultancy advisor with Leonard Cheshire and the 'Change 100' programme, and Priyanca Desouza, user researcher and former Change 100 intern.

What disability is

  • Protected characteristics, diversity and inclusion
  • Disability as a normal and common thing
  • Bringing down the barriers in recruitment and the work environment
  • A wide range of accessibility needs

The visibility of disability

  • Disability more prevalent than we realise
  • The duty of employers to remove barriers
  • Choosing whether or not to disclose your disability
  • Employers missing out on fantastic talent
  • The inexplicable employment gap for disabled people

Change 100 and Leonard Cheshire

  • Leonard Cheshire's mission to support disabled people
  • Change 100's mission to close the employment gap for disabled graduates and students
  • Matching skills to roles
  • A highly competitive programme
  • The popularity of marketing and communications
  • The challenging language of job descriptions

The value of different life experiences

  • Resilience, creativity and difference by default
  • The danger of the agency bubble and cookie-cutter thinking
  • Actively welcoming and valuing a difference life experience
  • Championing inclusive experience design

The 'amplified self'

  • The problem with traditional recruitment
  • Jim Carroll and the amplified self
  • Excellence vs mediocrity

The positives of the lockdown (for us all)

  • How remoteness has brought colleagues closer
  • A more personalised way of working
  • It's not where you work but how - challenging office culture
  • Business investment in agile, remote working and management
  • A more autonomous, liberated and creative workforce