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Successful, Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs - Lydia Sophia Wilmsen EPISODE 92, 30th March 2021
Is your fear of success sabotaging your business?
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Is your fear of success sabotaging your business?

Very often we are our own biggest enemies. 😬 We sabotage our business success in countless ways. Many entrepreneurs think that their fear of failure is keeping them stuck. However, you might have unconscious fears of success instead!

If you don't tackle this fear at its root cause, no fancy technique and strategy will ever help you to break through to the next level in your business (or life). 😳

I this episode I talk about the origins, the reasons, and the ways of how fear of success can show up in your life.

Make sure to tune in, as this is such a subtle yet powerful self-sabotaging act that we CAN actually change! 🚀

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Enjoy the episode and much love!