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Audio Branding - Jodi Krangle EPISODE 18, 18th March 2020
Interview with Storyteller, Dave Bricker - Part 2
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Interview with Storyteller, Dave Bricker - Part 2

Here’s the second part of my interview with storyteller Dave Bricker. We talked about the four elements of a story, the difference between anecdotes and stories, and how to add value to people’s lives through storytelling.

In our conversation, we also covered:

  • Whether people are hardwired to want to hear depressing stories or happy stories
  • The difference between happy endings and transformation and how that affects how stories connect with people
  • A much more effective alternative to scare tactics in advertising
  • Why children love reading storybooks over and over...and over…and over...
  • Where most advertising falls short and how to improve
  • How the most powerful stories speak to our innate drive to seek safety and survival
  • How authentic conflict brings depth to a story
  • How, in advertising, money must serve not as an outcome, but rather as a tool
  • Using audio to prime an audience
  • Different types of coaches and which audiences they’re best suited for

You can find more information on Dave on his website at www.storysailing.com or on any of his social media channels: 

This episode was very skillfully made to sound beautiful by the talented Humberto Franco (http://www.humbertofranco.com/).

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