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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 68, 15th May 2020
EP 68 | Picking your Spots
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EP 68 | Picking your Spots

Picking your Spots

Hey, it’s Greg… YES… the CRAZY PERSON from the No Head Trash Nation and now The Effortless Author, where we help authors and leaders get rid of the head trash that’s keeping them from sharing their story and leveraging their impact to change their world. 

Whoa… what a day, what a day. I titled this podcast PERFECTLY for my own life and maybe you can relate. A friend of mine reminded me of the old Russian Proverb… something about the folly of chasing two rabbits and ending up with NOTHING for dinner. Now it’s been a long time since I’ve had rabbit for dinner but I GET IT…  And I’m as guilty, maybe more guilty than the next buy about having ten things on my PRIORITY list… and the only thing I get accomplished is a great sense of GUILT.  

Or… can anybody relate to this one… you’ve finally reached a pause in the day. You should be enjoying it with your family or a sense of satisfaction… instead you’ve got that nagging feeling… What nagging feeling? You know the one… the one where all you can think is that there’s SOMETHING you should be doing. Something you forgot to get done…   

WHY?  Because you’re chasing… an entire herd of rabbits… or do rabbits travel in herds? Gaggles? Ok whatever, you know what I mean. You’re making one inch of progress on ten fronts and none of them are really getting your best. 

Hence… the title I gave today’s podcast.  PICKING YOUR SPOTS.  

AS much as I hate it, I’m not going to get everything done. Definitely not done well. Neither are you. And, the tragedy of knowing that is the more we know about something, the less we feel we need to LEARN about it. We’ve all heard the ONE THING book or concept. We’ve all been told we can’t have more than three actual priorities but what if you KNEW.. without doubt that having more than that was going to DESTROY every possibility of getting any of them done? 

I mean literally… let’s get specific. What if you knew that saying yes to that thing you could do and feel guilty not doing… forced something truly important to fall off the table. Multi tasking is a myth. It’s not possible. If you say yes to something, you WILL say NO to something else.

You’ve got to pick your spots. 

Here’s the thing that derails me, ok? I’m just going to confess this right now. Here’s what I do. I’ve got that nagging thing on my list so I say to myself… I’m just going to ‘knock that out’ real quick ( we always add real quick to things for some reason) and then I’ll get to the thing that’s really important. Three hours later when our best brain power and energy are gone, we’re done with the CRAP we were sure we needed to do and we hope before the day’s over we can find some more optics to work on the stuff that matters. 

So I say again… pick your spots. Yes, something isn’t going to get done today. You be the one who choses what WILL get done. Don’t leave it to chance. 

One of the things that’s keeping you from being your best is always a lack of clarity. Not just your clarity, but the clarity of your team, or your clients. Maybe you wonder why I harp about writing your own book, when you’re not an author. Let me tell you why. So you can have clarity and share clarity once and for all in a way that STICKS> 

You’ve got to pick your spots. Do the things that STICK. Get everyone on the same page or you’ll be chasing more rabbits than you did yesterday. If you’d like to know more about the Effortless Author Initiative, visit us at effortlessauthor.com or text ezbook to 474747. 

Let’s get rid of the head trash and make the authorship of your best self… Effortless.