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Regenerative Spine & Orthopedic Medicine with Dr. John Lesher
Episode 2513th November 2020 • Back Talk Doc • Sanjiv Lakhia - Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates
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From Kim Kardashian getting a vampire facial to Hines Ward's extraordinary knee recovery in the weeks leading up to the 2009 Super Bowl, regenerative medicine has gained a tremendous amount of interest in both the lay population and the scientific community. This medical-assisted self-healing process has helped athletes including Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and other high-profile celebrities not only overcome injuries but increase their recovery times.

On this special one-year anniversary episode of Back Talk Doc, Dr. Lakhia welcomes Dr. John Lesher to discuss regenerative spine and orthopedic medicine, including the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and stem-cell therapy. Dr. Lesher is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation with subspecialty certifications in sports medicine, electrodiagnostic medicine, and certification in musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Dr. Lesher shares his experience and knowledge in regenerative spine and orthopedic medicine from a personal and professional perspective. Given his background in athletics, he also discusses regenerative medicine and its applications in the sports arena.

Highlights from the episode:

  • What we mean when we say “regenerative medicine” (8:32)
  • Examples of medical-assisted self-healing (9:47)
  • Stem Cells 101 (14:01)
  • Joint arthritis: the difference between corticosteroid injections vs stem cells or PRP (20:22)
  • Effectiveness of regenerative medicine options: joints and tendons (23:34)
  • The role for regenerative medicine in spine care (32:45)
  • The future of regenerative medicine (43:26)
  •  Dr. John Lesher’s personal health tips (46:19)
  • Dr. John Lesher’s podcast recommendations (48:03)

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