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Constant Smiles - Elijah Desmond & Dr. Rich Constantine EPISODE 7, 16th December 2020
How to Rapidly Grow a Dental Practice
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How to Rapidly Grow a Dental Practice

We’re happy to announce the return of your favorite podcast, Constant Smiles, featuring co-hosts Dr. Rich Constantine and Elijah Desmond. Since the start of COVID-19, our world as dental professionals has turned upside down, and we’ve had to adapt to changes that none of us saw coming.

Something else that Rich didn’t see coming was the success of his viral rendition of the ‘In My Feelings’ video challenge. The video skyrocketed not only his natural talent, but it also ignited the growth of his dental practice. 

In this episode, Rich shares the apps, tools, and software that has helped him deal with his practice's sudden growth and reveals how he has maintained that rapid growth since the launch of his viral video.

Rich and Elijah also take time to talk about how the dental industry has coped with the outbreak of COVID-19 and offer some words of encouragement to dental professionals worldwide. 

If you are a dental professional and you want the inside scoop of how a dental practice works and grows, this is the episode for you!

In this episode, find out:

  • How Rich’s dental practice grew following the success of his viral video
  • The importance of blocking time in your schedule for potential new patient growth
  • What tools, apps, and services Rich uses in his practice
  • How Weave helps to improve patient communication
  • Why Rich uses Legend Networking to help eliminate IT challenges
  • How Dental Intel helps Rich keep track of his practice’s revenue and growth
  • Why it is so important to log correct information and numbers into your dental practice’s system
  • How Stream DentalHR helped Rich prepare his practice for rapid growth
  • Why your front office team is so vital to the success of your practice and how Front Office Rocks has helped to train Rich’s new hires
  • How to generate more reviews for your practice with Birdeye
  • Why Rich uses Driven Dental Implant Marketing to generate dental implant leads and welcome new patients


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