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MicroFamous - Matt Johnson 3rd December 2020
Can You Niche Down Too Far?
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Can You Niche Down Too Far?

When growth in your businesses feels sluggish, and your message is spreading slowly and not bringing in new clients, most people think their niche is too small. They are tempted to expand, and talk to more people, but in the process, they dilute the very thing that could make them very compelling to the right people.

When you aren’t growing the way you want, resist the temptation to expand. 

Shrink the Battlefield. 

The problem is not the size of the niche, it’s the strength of the marketing. Instead of expanding, talk to fewer people, get more specific, and exclude the people you aren't the MOST passionate about serving.

It’s really hard to get into a niche so small that you can’t reach your goals. If you truly have a Clear & Compelling Idea that speaks deeply to an audience of 5-10k people who can afford a high-ticket offer, you can run a mid-6 to 7-figure business.

Is it ever possible to niche down too far? What does a lack of growth actually point to? 

In this episode, I talk about the importance of Shrinking the Battlefield, and getting on to the path that will lead you to your Clear & Compelling Idea, and the audience of people who will take action on your marketing.