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27: Psychedelic Buddhism with Lama Mike Crowley
Episode 276th October 2023 • Plants Saved My Life • Entheo Wellness - Plants Saved My life
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27: Psychedelic Buddhism with Lama Mike Crowley

Plants Saved My Life

This week, Raven is joined by Lama Mike Crowley, a renowned Tibetan Buddhist practitioner and author, delves into the hidden treasures of Tibetan Buddhism, the re-discovery of ancient terma, and the intriguing fusion of spirituality and psychedelics. Explore timeless wisdom and the mystical realms in this captivating conversation.

Born in Cardiff, Wales in 1948, Mike's spiritual journey led him to a profound encounter with Lama Chime in 1967. This meeting was sparked by his curiosity about a p'urba, and it quickly blossomed into a deep friendship. In 1970, Mike took refuge, marking the beginning of his dedicated path. Over the years, he immersed himself in extensive studies and meditation retreats, culminating in his ordination as a lama in 1988.

In 1986, Mike made a remarkable discovery—a terma initially found by Pema Lingpa in 1483, lost to the world for centuries until Mike's revelation.

Lama Chime entrusted Lama Mike with the responsibility of guiding his students in the United States in 1989. Mike is the visionary founder of Amrita Dzong, an American extension of his teacher's spiritual community. Additionally, he serves as a valued member of the advisory board of the national Psychedelic Sangha.

Lama Mike Crowley is a prolific author, renowned for works such as 'Secret Drugs of Buddhism' and 'Psychedelic Buddhism: A User's Guide to Traditions, Symbols, and Ceremonies.' His wisdom and teachings continue to illuminate the intersections of spirituality, psychedelics, and ancient traditions.

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