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Mark Bergman and the View From Across the Pond
Episode 61st July 2020 • New Faces of Democracy • Nancy Bynum
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This week I’m speaking with Mark Bergman, a lawyer and Democrat based in London, who since 2017 has been keeping his fellow Democrats abroad engaged in the political process here at home through conference calls with candidates, elected officials and democracy groups. Mark’s calls have featured sitting senators, state attorneys general, candidates for the House and Senate, and other prominent American political figures like James Comey and James Carville. With an audience maxing out in the double digits, the calls provide a relatively intimate opportunity for listeners to hear from and ask questions of these Americans who have stepped up to answer the call of our times. Mark and I discuss why it’s so important to keep Democrats overseas informed and engaged, and how, despite the sorry state of US influence abroad, these calls have instilled in him faith in our power to change things and optimism for the future. If you want to sign up for Mark’s weekly newsletter, email him at




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