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Buen Hombre - Enrique Morones EPISODE 2, 7th April 2020
Buen Hombre Magnificent Mujer: Josefina Lopez
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Buen Hombre Magnificent Mujer: Josefina Lopez

Please join me Enrique Morones and tune in to our latest episode of our new podcast, "Buen Hombre -Magnificent Mujer", where I will be interviewing Josefina López  a Chicana playwright, perhaps best known as the author of the play (and co-author of the screenplay) Real Women Have Curves. López is also the Founding Artistic Director of the CASA 0101 theater located in Boyle Heights, CA, which began in 2000. 

What many people may not know is Josefina is a dear friend, long time activist and now is embarking on a new life path that combines all of her talents for the healing of individuals and the planet.  Subscribe to our podcast at BuenHombre.org or ManificentMujer.org, on AppleItunes, TuneIn or Stitcher. Join me as I talk to important influencers on issues regarding human rights, activism, creativity and how we can all make this a better world. Hear their inspiring stories, Amor Si Se Puede! Love is an Action not just a word.