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Ep. 27 Give Yourself Permission to Be and Have What You Want w/ Desiree Cocroft
Episode 2731st January 2024 • Joyfully Black • Joy Dixon Paul
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This week, Desiree Cocroft joins us! As a coach who's passionate about transforming leaders, Desiree dives deep into how we can step away from the relentless hustle and overwhelm to embrace what truly matters in both our personal and professional lives.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to increase their impact, performance, income, and joy, all while being authentically human. Tune in to discover how you can give yourself permission to be and have what you truly desire.

What to Listen For:

  • The strategy of consulting your older, wiser self
  • Surprising pitfalls and challenges among women leaders
  • Strategies to overcome overthinking and analysis paralysis
  • Success stories of leaders who have transformed their leadership approach and outcomes through incorporating self-care practices
  • How dance and creativity play a role in self-care practices
  • How StrengthFinders strengths help Desiree in her mental wellness and self-care journey

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Desiree Cocroft:


LinkedIn: @desireecocroftmba

Youtube: @desireecocroft

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