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Understanding Your Audience with Susan Baier
Episode 131st June 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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In entrepreneurship you might find yourself balancing a lot of things to make your business successful. But to be most effective, you need to know your audience. Susan Baier shares different perspectives or ways to help your prospects with what they’re struggling with. Discover the key elements that can guide you to opportunities that will be the most beneficial for you and your audience. Your greatest asset is your relationship with your customers, and understanding how your services and products could be of help to them. 


05:53 About 70 percent of our work now - 70 to 80 percent - is research to help agencies build their own reputations. 

06:42 Research and the value that it brings, not only just understanding people but understanding in certain cases, like landscapes, some marketplaces, competitors, etc. But all it is truly to understand the person you’re trying to connect with. 

09:28 I think, honestly, that’s the biggest problem. It’s people that aren’t thinking about their audience. They’re thinking only about themselves and being lazy. 

10:29 The fundamental thing for defining an audience is who has the problems that I’m really good at solving that I'd like to serve. That’s really what it is, and that’s a different way of thinking about audience target. 

20:27 You can’t ask them what they need, you have to talk to them about what they’re struggling with. 


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Susan Baier’s Bio

Susan Baier is sought after by marketing agencies and their clients for her attitudinal segmentation research supporting thought leadership development and marketing initiatives.

Susan has provided original custom attitudinal audience segmentation studies for hundreds of agencies and their clients including Gap, Kona Grill, Infusionsoft, Tufts University, AT&T, Pella Windows, Jayco, Jay Baer, and more. In her spare time (ha ha) she goes camping, knits, and enjoys a good bourbon.