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SDP 70: What next for the Sheffield Digital Podcast?
Episode 7028th January 2021 • Sheffield Digital Podcast • Sheffield Digital
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In episode 70 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast, Iain and Mel share the news that the podcast is going on a short pause. But more importantly, we want your feedback on how we can make it much better. 

What kind of feedback are we talking? Well, we’ve been recording since 2017 and we’ve had a fairly consistent interview/news format throughout. This last 12 months has seen us record online rather than in person, and that actually gives us more options. 

This is a short show. Have a listen, then have a think, and then let us know what might tickle your fancy. Seasons? More panel discussions? Shorter episodes? Dare we say… sponsorships? We are very much all ears and happy to take all thoughts on board. 

You can contact us through the Sheffield Digital Slack community or email and we’ll get it there. 

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We’re really keen to get your feedback on the podcast. You can share your thoughts with us on Twitter or on the channel in the Sheffield Digital Slack community.

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Thanks to Alex Mclean – aka Yaxu – for the show’s intro music, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. 




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