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034: How to market your coaching business when you hate social media
Episode 3416th February 2022 • Online Coaching • Stephanie Fiteni
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Marketing your coaching business when you hate social media feels like constantly swimming upstream.

It feels hard and unnatural and although you may manage it some of the time, you can't seem to do it consistently because it doesn't come natural to you.

Fear not your business will not fail because you don't spend all your time on social media. There are other ways that can help you book clients - ways that don't require an advertising budget.

In this episode...

We talk about why social media could be taking the joy out of marketing your business, and what to do instead. (without spending a fortune on Facebook Ads)

We talked about…

>> Social Media and why it feels so hard/leads to burnout

>> Social Media Automation

>> The difference between real automation and scheduling tools

>> How to use SEO to get clients

>> How to use SEO to build your authority as a coach

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