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Generating Better Pipeline With New Innovative Approaches to Demand Gen with Ollie Whitfield #034
Episode 3426th May 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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Ollie Whitfield Leads Demand Gen at VanillaSoft where he’s been for nearly 3-years and crushing it every quarter. In addition to his work with VanillaSoft he also Co-hosts The 0 to 5 Million Podcast.

I’ve been a fan of Ollie’s content for years and had to bring him on to talk to us about what really works in 2023 in terms of Demand Generation and Growth Marketing.

In this episode we cover a whole host of topics impacting demand gen, including digital marketing, AI, better ways to run and promote webinars, and how to use email frameworks instead of email templates.

This is one of those tactical discussions that you will be able to walk away with actionable insights that you can put into use immediately.

NOTE: I want to apologize in advance for my poor audio. I made a rookie mistake and recorded with my laptop mic, not the proper microphone so I’m going to sound a little echoey.

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Time Stamps:

[4:00] We discuss the impact on inbound sales models as digital marketing is getting more expensive while also getting harder to target and get attention.

[6:00] Ollie’s take on AI in digital marketing and demand generation with regard to accelerated content generation.

[12:00] Ollie has produced webinars for years and shares how most people are doing boring webinars so he introduces us to some alternative ways to think about them and how to structure them more effectively.

[20:00] Ideas on how to promote and drive attendance to a webinar.

[23:00] Advice from Ollie on how to prevent your webinar from being dead after a week where it’s no longer being promoted

[30:00] ‘Email frameworks over email templates’ as a more effective way of email outreach.

[33:00] We discuss a few different email frameworks that the audience can start using today.

[41:00] Ollie’s view on the strategy of using short emails since we hear a lot about how brevity is what’s working. He goes on to explain how longer emails early in an outreach cadence can be effective.

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