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FORMULA INDIE 21.01.2021
21st January 2021 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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T Brown – Covid 19

Cary Park – You Matter To Me

David Raynolds – Generator

Luanne Hunt – We Rise

Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – I don’t mind

Fadi Awad & Dan De Leon ft.Shawn Breathwaite - Off The Wall

Vineet – Mask

Stephen Wrench – Burning Bridges

Ryte Eye Ty – Freedom

Lorenzo Gabanizza - All the words we never said

Gasoline Tequila – Indulgent Fool

Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino - No One’s Gonna Stop Us Now 

The Deers Cry – Princess dress

Funkmata – SignOut66

The Floyd's Feat. Altrina Renee - One More Night 

Filippo Lombardelli – Un cielo senza te

Haiducii – Respira

Anya Kay – Chains

Lecretia Ann – 3

Francy Stolfa – Chiediti il perché

Max Montanari feat. PerikoloGeneriko – Tutto è troppo dentro te

DawgGoneDavis-Judge Not Rap Yes

Craymo – December Rain

K-Roll – Real Quick

Franco Nocchi – Ricordi di una passeggiata con mio Padre

Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Beautiful Stranger

Jeremy Parsons "Good Ole Days"

Izzie's Caravan - "On The Pull"

Traindeville – Il Cavaliere delle Nuvole

OneGunn - Be Kool Everybody