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The 8 Tenets Of Successful Change Management: A Season 2 Recap
Episode 93rd August 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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In Season 2 of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayers took you through the 8 tenets to drive meaningful, impactful, and sustainable change in an organization. In our Season 2 recap, Jennifer reviews each tenet and recalls what past guests had to say.

From defining the core pillars of change management and the importance of each to successfully navigating them in real-world scenarios, this season’s guests have brought special insight and experience that simply shouldn’t be missed.

Listen to Jennifer discuss the tenets of change management:

1: Building the case for change (0:58)

In the first episode, Lisa Insley joined the podcast to talk about building the case for change within an organization. As Jennifer notes, it’s defining the “why” and finding purpose.

2: Knowing your audience (4:43)

In episode 2, Jeff Bone spoke about the power of compassion and its importance in truly relating to others. 

3: Crafting meaningful messages (7:23)

This is the point where you have to translate why you’re doing something to audiences while considering the context they’re receiving it. Jennifer was joined by Lisa Insley once again to discuss how organizations can improve their communication.

4: Bracing for impact (12:15)

Even good changes can bring disruption. Though you can’t know every hurdle that will come up, you can take the necessary steps to identify the ones you can. Samantha Collins believes bringing different members of the organization into the fold through a change workshop, it helps everyone see how a proposed change impacts others.

5: Change plans (17:28)

As Kristel Kurtz notes, a good plan is a great guide but, more importantly, it gives you a good foundation from which to pivot when needed. She also believes a plan gives you a better understanding of the business and all the moving parts to create a collaboration that is critical to successful change management.

6: Using metrics (21:32)

No matter how great your plan is, you need to consistently be looking at the results to define success and failure, as well as when and what changes need to be made to make it more successful. Jigar Shah finds that through surveys and the right metrics, you can create a baseline, which is profoundly important.

7: Creating an organization ready for change (25:48)

In this episode, Kelli Skaff provided some advice on how to establish a function that better positions an organization to respond rapidly to planned and unplanned changes, as well as how to lead the company through those changes. One of the most important parts of this is having the right sponsorship and establishing it in the right spot to have influence.

8: Recognizing and rewarding (28:44)

This is one of Jennifer’s favorite tenets -- the power of simply recognizing and rewarding the traits you want to continue seeing. Steve Van Valin pointed out that having conversations is how you change a culture and manage change.

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