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Singing Through the Birth-Death Door with Lotus Sky
Episode 2020th January 2021 • Medicine Caller • Sophia Wise One
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Darling listeners, this week we are joined by the incomparable Lotus Sky. She is a musical channel of light language and healing tones. She and Sophia have a powerful conversation about birth, death, and the songs we sing in between. Join these two as they weave a mystical web of fierce conversation. This episode has the power to be a potent dose of medicine if you allow it, so relax and listen deeply.

In this episode they discuss:

  • Earth Warriors and the distinctions between warriors and soldiers
  • Personal and collective healing as we ascend into this new world
  • Depression and the ways we can navigate the shadowlands of grief and rage
  • Enlightenment and the pain it can bring along with its joy


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“I am Sophia Wise One: Daughter of the Wind. I am calling you to Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up. Rise up and take your place.”

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Sophia Wise One 00:00

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Intro by Sophia Wise One 00:45

Intimate, wise and healing conversations with the people who are carrying us through this time of true transformation. And complete rebirth. Welcome to Medicine Caller. We're visionaries share the real, the raw, the good and the holy. I am your host, Sophia Wise One. Let's try.

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We call it. We are it I hear the call. I know the call. I call the call. I am the call.      We hear the call. We know the call. We call the call. We are the call.

Sophia Wise One 01:53

Hello darlings, and welcome back to Medicine Caller. I'm your host they call me Sophia Wise One. I am, how am I ? I am. I'm being cooked and being cooked really deeply. And I'm really grateful for it. There's a part of the shift that we're in right now that is very obviously there's these big movements, there's these big changes, there's this big conversation happening. And yet what I know a lot of us are walking in is actually an act of fine tuning. There's the minutiae, the detail, those of us who have been in this awakening, soul searching, planet loving place for a long time are looking to hone we're looking to hone our impact hone our presence hone our well being to contribute, not just in theory, but in embodiment. The world that we want in this time. So while so much of the world is banging with these aches and these cries and these calls for what is to come, many of us are being called to go deep into our quiet, to see the places where we have been perpetuating our own aches, and to soften and heal those. And so that is where I am. And, and that is where I believe many, many of you are and perhaps you're listening with me right now today. I know that's, that's where you are. I have a very special guest with us today that I'm really excited to share with you. She's deeply dedicated to contributing to this process that we're all in this Earth healing, planet serving walk, I'm going to give you her little bio here and then bring her in. And so I want to just take a moment before I tell you a little bit more about her and just give yourself permission to receive what you need in this moment. Whether Lotus Sky says it, whether I say it, whether it's something that you think or whether it's a bird that flies by while you're listening, what it is that you need in this moment to strengthen or to soften, to let go and forget or to remember, whatever it is that you're needing. Give yourself permission to get it in this time that you're giving to yourself. Lotus sky as a musical channel and shamanic guide, born and raised in the Philippines and hailing from the Golden State of California. Through her study with different shamanic lineages, training in multiple healing and transformational modalities, as well as connecting to her star and earth guides to channel light language. Lotus sky helps people find personal liberation by fully inhabiting who they truly are. Right I mean, yes, this is totally our people here and bringing them into deep remembrance of their divine heritage. Lotus Sky has been called nature spirit, a cosmic channel and earth Angel, where her voice brings profound healing and her shamanic offerings are truly transmissions from beyond the veil. I found Lotus Sky a friend of mine said, you got to hear this song, dance it out with me and sent me a link on Spotify and I was immediately transformed and healed and became just a deep grateful. Fabulous like, have you heard this? Play it on repeat. Share the medicine share the transmission fan and I don't know. And just yeah, excited to be here. So Lotus Sky Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to Medicine Caller.

Lotus Sky 05:35

Thank you so much. Sophia, Wise One. So wonderful to be here. You have such a soothing voice. I just loved it. I thought I was listening to the podcast, not in it.

Sophia Wise One 05:49

Just lean back, you know. Thank you. I'm so glad. You know the thing that's stirring in me right now I can like feel it in my belly. Sitting here is is this phrase, Earth warrior that you use that really, that really speaks to, I think your your mission, right? Like it's this piece. And I was wondering if you could talk about what, what Earth warriorship is to you like how you found it, what it is what it means to walk with that? Tell me, tell me. Tell us about that. 

Lotus Sky 06:28

Yeah, you know the word, the term Earth warrior came to me actually this year during the lockdown. And it's so interesting, because when my guides shared that with me, I noticed some resistance to the word warrior, because of patriarchal and colonial projections to that word, warrior. Right. 

Sophia Wise One 06:52


Lotus Sky 06:52

And it had like an energy of fighting of, of distress, of upheaval, and all of that. And my guides were sharing with me that no, this is this is different, you get to heal your relationship with this world word, because the energy that's really arising in your consciousness is that of the Earth warrior. And, you know, when my guys share information with me, it's really in packets that I translate in a linear way through words. So I'll do my best to kind of channel that through. But the Earth Warrior is someone who is deeply connected to the Earth, Earth wisdom, the cosmic wisdom, grounded in their hearts, and being a stand for the kind of world that we want to live in today being a stand for the good. And being an embodiment of what is shared with me, are the six dimensions of personal liberation, the six dimensions of self mastery when, when embodied, will support you in not only creating transformation in your own life, but also contributing to the transformation of the collective. And that's how this energy came to me. And I started to integrate and find that in my own healing path, I realized that my higher self, my ancestors, the Earth, that I work with the planets that teach me like my greatest teachers, they have been preparing me to teach in these ways to support people in claiming the transformation that's happening today.

Sophia Wise One 08:37

Awesome. I love it, it reminds me of so my mother is a yoga teacher she studied with Swami Satchidananda Oh my gosh, 30 plus years ago, and, and she teaches the warrior pose with stories. She teaches all of the poses, actually with stories when she teaches. And so she teaches about the warrior, as the first job of the warrior is to show up. And the second job of the warrior is to keep the boundary without judgment, without aggression without anger. And the third job of the warrior is to do it at all costs, to be fearless to be to be unafraid of death. And that, you know, the difference between a soldier and a warrior, and there are many is that a soldier takes orders. And that a warrior is a is a sovereign being. Who understands and discerns moment to moment of where that line is and and and what it's for, and, and how it's maintained.

Lotus Sky 09:43

I totally resonate with that. Like, distinction between the two, and I think that's what's happening in our consciousness today is that in for many for many lifetimes, a soldier is for what we were been paying society has been trading out, you know, no pawns in the bigger game. And what we're reclaiming is the sovereign warrior within, and one that does not look out to others, but channels through sources of wisdom and manifests and creates from that space, from a place of firmness. There's no like aggression needed in this space. It is the truth of being. And I don't even think that there's any fighting necessarily, I think there is a standing for. And I think this is a distinction that has really supported me in reconciling, reconciling, but navigating and coming to peace with what's really going on in the great shamanic death that our consciousness is experiencing and what is really being birthed from it. 

Sophia Wise One 10:57

Yeah, the assertion is like the word that comes to mind talk about that, like standing and that like, like to assert to be willing to reinforce that clarity like when it's pushed against, right, so not having to push over in that aggressor dominance over but being able to assert, like, every time it's challenged, to be able to like assert and reassert and hold. That's what comes to mind. Can you tell me more about what you see, or experience or know about this collective? I just love what you just said, this collective shamanic death that we're experiencing? I feel it. I'm like, I'm with you. That's the birth death doors is open.

Lotus Sky 11:38


Sophia Wise One 11:38

Can you share? Yeah.

Lotus Sky 11:41

I think many of the things I'll be sharing is similar to what many of the dialogues been online, particularly with a spiritual community, and that is that, that interruptions in life are drama. And they happen to get your attention. And it's in these these interruptions that are really gifts, and we can actually look at it that way. They're really wonderful opportunities. And that's, I think, on Earth warrior quality, the these this wise ability to perceive challenges and obstacles as gifts and opportunities. And in this space, we have the opportunity to, to claim what's moving through, and to first do the individual transformation within. I received this many times from my guides, but particularly strong this month, is that what we wish to see in the world we get to implement within ourselves, we want to see harmony in the World, we get to create harmony lives and within ourselves if we want, abundance and connection in this world, that we get to heal and create abundance within ourselves and create connection with ourselves. If we want peace and understanding, we get to cultivate that. And so what we're seeing in the consciousness, I feel is a huge mirror to what's occurring within that gets to be transmuted in powerful ways may not happen, it may not be a direct magnitude, but in some way, it is a reflection. And that personal transformation is what's called first and foremost, within in this inner consciousness, and we're seeing that there are many people who are realizing that their jobs that they don't love, or that no job is truly secure, so you mind as well go and do what you really love to do. 

Sophia Wise One 13:41


Lotus Sky 13:42

You see some people who are in relationships that don't fulfill them, or they're abusive, that during times of challenges, expose this abuse and are now shifting that you know, now, shifting that healing it or even leaving it right. And there, this even maybe perhaps this certainly happened to me and happen to many of the people that I work with old memories, childhood memories, or old patterns that have kind of been buried or coming up for resolution for resolution to ultimately set yourself free. So this personal transformation is happening. And then there's a collective transformation that is also happening. Through our own individual work, we'll be able to navigate and the solutions are going to be are going to require a different level of being than what has worked before. Because we are ascending like the solutions or the the ways to grow from it isn't it's not going to happen playing out the same pattern that has been repeated time and time again in history is going to require trance is going to require us to transcend, to transcend that, and to show up in a new way, in a way that unifies us in a way that holds with love in a way that I think unify is really is the word here.

Sophia Wise One 15:25

Yeah, absolutely, absolutely that, that resonates so much. I mean, I've been getting the same messages. And one of the messages that I've been getting over and over again, especially in the summer, and I'm having a fascinating, and I'll like I give like praises like and glorious experience recently a shift in this, but especially over the summer, and I know a lot of people are in this place right now, in which it's like, I can't imagine the solutions. And I can't imagine what it looks like. And the message that I kept getting when I was in that place was, that's because your viewpoint will be so fundamentally shifted, that we will be in a different. You'll come You won't even see the problem, the same way that you see the problem. So you will solve it, you will create solutions or imagine a landscape that is unfathomable to your current level of consciousness. But the consciousness that you have now is is you know, limited by by your state. And so this focus and this drive for me, and for those that many of them walking with has been this, again, this courage and this cultivation of that like deeper honing, like I really want to know what abundance and safety and well being and joy is truly not in theory, right? Not not passing, but I want a world where that's lasting, which means I get to cultivate, how do I become a lasting landscape of joy for a lasting landscape of, of peace and well being, which isn't to say that there isn't ever a flow. But the way that things have been normalized, and taken for granted in our past paradigms, like how do we normalize into a place of safety and well being. And then from that place, the way that we solve, quote, unquote, problems, or the way that we see problems are fundamentally different. And so then the resolutions are, are are beyond. And I've been having some experience of those doors beginning to open and, and shift. And mostly like you were talking about kind of those messages coming in packets, mostly, those real deep moments of clarity, are still coming in nonlinear. Or like, like, I get some images, but mostly it's these, it's these vibrational experiences. In my practice, I'm meditating or I'm practicing and I'm feeling these vibrations, and I can feel the way that I'm, I'm getting pushed like this, like edges are getting worked. And, and I'm having to acclimate. I'm doing a lot of like acclimating, like, Okay, this is the new like, Okay, this is the next it feels very similar to my kind of initial, like training and awakening that happened in my, like, late teens, for me, when I first started, like studying with more teachers, and would kind of have these reminds me of like, the first Reiki class I took and being like, Oh my gosh, like, it just amplified the healing that was happening so fast. And so it was so visceral. And so like, every day, like this potency, this potency, I think about that. I've been experiencing a lot of that and just being like, I mean, it was constant before, but now it's like, what was constant before looks like a casual week, to what has been my experience in the past? I don't know, 10 months or two years.

Lotus Sky 18:44

Yeah, I think because of the way the  has been accelerating. And, and the frequency of it is just in this constant uplevelment, which is one of the reasons why, like I created you know, my work, Earth warrior school, for example, to support people, like, you know, the guides were like, this times accelerating transformation is going to happen one after the other, you're either fully present with it, moving through it with, you know, connected, or you're being dragged by the foot of it. And, you know, it's really helpful for people to have the tools mindset and perspective to support them as they navigate all of that. It like I always think that enlightened like when I was growing up, I always thought that enlightenment was like, you know, always good, you know, always thought it was like, You don't have any challenges and if you do if you experience like, any, like, sad emotions or anger or anything like that, that that's like not enlightenment and in some ways like my, my family used to shame me for that or shame that like, well look at you. You're crying like if you were good if you were if you knew you're different. Anything wrong and you wouldn't be crying. And so it was very manipulative like that. But now I'm seeing that it's not bad actually like we came here for the human experience. And it's not like that you don't go through challenges is who you are in challenges. It's who you are in relation to your grief, your anger, your joy, your obstacles, your celebrations, that that, that, that that give information to reflect your level of enlightenment, right? 

Sophia Wise One 20:30

You're absolutely. 

Lotus Sky 20:31

I mean, I cried last night. It was a great cry, it was really profound. And I'm a cancer like a cancer rising. Cancer, sun and Venus and cancer, like, so many times, I feel like crap... 

Sophia Wise One 20:44

Oh, my God